Friday, August 19, 2005

Something to kick this off again

I don't know why it is so difficult to keep something like this going. I have about 8 different posts which I began, but never completed about various topics in the news. Like why I think iTunes enabled phones won't ever really take off (hint: battery life) and whether or not we should open the H1-B visa program to every brainiac from a foreign country (if it leads to growing innovation and an increased desire for American goods, then why not?). But those never got anywhere.

So, instead, I'm just going to turn this into something of a journal site, since that accomplishes the dual purpose of continuing to foster the writer within and to keep track of things which might be important to me. So, without further ado, the life and times of ME!


I'm disappointed that the summer soccer season is over. For a change, we were not the last place team. Not much of an honor, but for our ragged bunch of misfits, it wasn't bad. We got some help from some Latinos in the backfield and I had a great time playing in the 95+ heat of the East coast summer. And there is nothing better to counteract the time spent sitting behind a desk arguing over how something is going to get done. I did get to score a few goals, which made the season that much sweeter, along with providing a few beautiful bruises on each knee. We even made it into the playoffs to the semifinal match, due to a lucky game against the first place team. Hopefully fall season will offer some new challenges.

Other than that, there are no major events going on this summer. We are preparing for #1's entry into first grade and #2's potty-training. I can't wait to get rid of diapers again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chrysler's latest auto stylings

Chrylser has definitely come a long way. The old Plymouth and Chrysler models were dull, boring, and the epitome of outdated American automotive engineering. So I have become a big fan of the Daimler Benz/Chrysler merger. The biggest benefit to Chrysler has been the opportunity to use some of the Benz auto body stylings to create some eye-catchingly beautiful cars.

I think the Chrysler "design revolution" technically began with the Plymouth Prowler. That is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest cars on the road. The retro look of a '30s street rod even looked good in the trademark purple paint. After building on that success with the PT Cruiser, I think they tried to see what else they could do with the body styles to get out of the Sebring/300M rut. Both of those vehicles were sleepers in terms of body styling and did not stand out at all on the road. The current incarnation of the 300M is stunning. I like the bold lines and the squarish feel gives me the same feeling I had as a kid watching the "tough car" barreling down on another car in cartoons I watched as a kid.

I think what Chrysler needs to do at this point is continue the process by either removing the Sebring from its vehicle lineup or restyling it along the lines of the Acura TL. Obviously, they don't want to pull any more from the Mercedes Benz styling, although I am very fond of the Mercedes SLK and MacLaren car bodies.

More about the DaimlerChrysler group of automobiles in a later post.

Monday, April 25, 2005

If I had a superpower...

Besides being able to remove vast quantities of paperwork from my desk quicker than the Flash could run to Tokyo, I have always wanted the following superpowers:

1) Instantaneous teleportation. I don't just want to get there, I want to get there NOW!!
2) Master of weapons. Not that I ever have need of this skill, but it would definitely make sure people paid attention.
3) Telekinesis. No longer would I have to fetch the remote or get my kids to do that, I could do it myself. If I put my mind to it.

This question used to be my "find-out"question. I just think that you can figure out a lot about a person by what three superpowers they pick. You want ESP? You might be a little nosy. You want to be invisible? You might have something to hide, you might not like people, or you might be nosy. You want to fly? You want freedom. You get the picture.

Speaking of superpowers, The Incredibles was an awesome movie. For a change, a kid's movie which deals with adult issues without those issues being innuendo or bathroom humor which flies just above a kid's head.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A placeholder to begin

This is just a placeholder, since I started this in the morning when my kids are awake and want attention. At some point, I will start my thoughts on life, the universe, and everything else. But mostly gadgets, gizmos, cars, and consumer product design and features.