Monday, April 25, 2005

If I had a superpower...

Besides being able to remove vast quantities of paperwork from my desk quicker than the Flash could run to Tokyo, I have always wanted the following superpowers:

1) Instantaneous teleportation. I don't just want to get there, I want to get there NOW!!
2) Master of weapons. Not that I ever have need of this skill, but it would definitely make sure people paid attention.
3) Telekinesis. No longer would I have to fetch the remote or get my kids to do that, I could do it myself. If I put my mind to it.

This question used to be my "find-out"question. I just think that you can figure out a lot about a person by what three superpowers they pick. You want ESP? You might be a little nosy. You want to be invisible? You might have something to hide, you might not like people, or you might be nosy. You want to fly? You want freedom. You get the picture.

Speaking of superpowers, The Incredibles was an awesome movie. For a change, a kid's movie which deals with adult issues without those issues being innuendo or bathroom humor which flies just above a kid's head.

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